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Grocery and other delivery service

Avoid the crowd! Protect yourself! We'll do your shopping & deliver it to you for only $40!

Grocery & Other Delivery Service

     Many elderly and other people may not want to risk the dangers of venturing out in public at this time. So, we are offering a pickup and delivery service to pick up your groceries, pharmaceuticals, and other items and deliver them to you for only $40 (see limitations).

1. Email ( or text us (530-917-2763) with your list.
2.  Try not to call us since we anticipate being especially busy at this time.
3.  Let us know if you want us to go to any specific stores – eg, Raleys, GNC, Walmart, etc.
4.  We highly recommend that you call the store directly and try to prepay for your items, so we just have to pick it up.
5.  In this list, include an estimate of the cost per item (unless, of course, you already prepaid it).
6.  We will then transfer this list and estimated cost onto our invoice.
7.  We will then call you to accept your payment by credit card over the phone.
8.  When we are done with the shopping, we will adjust the invoice as needed and email and or text you back with the adjusted price. We will call you if needed.
9.  We will then strive to call you with at least one-hour's notice to make sure that you are home to accept.
10.  Our drivers will all be vetted for not having any of the COVID-19 symptoms and will be wearing an N95 mask when they deliver. They can leave your bags outside your door, if requested.
11.  Any items that you purchase from our store will be included in this delivery at no extra delivery cost.

1.  This pickup/delivery fee is limited to a maximum of a 1-hour effort to do the shopping and transportation. Any time beyond will be charged at a prorated amount of $40/hr at 15 minute increments. We will let you know if we think your order will exceed this 1-hour limit.
2.  Mileage limit is 5 miles from our store, thereafter $1/mile round trip.
3.  Please note there will be a 3% credit card fee which can be refunded if you pay cash on delivery.
4. Join our VIP texting club and get text messages of upcoming important announcements, sales, etc. We intend to announce discounts on items that we hope will increase your comfort at home during this stressful time. Also Like Us on Facebook.
5.  Other limitations may apply, and this offer may change at any time.