Special Orders

Do you want new furniture?

We invite you to browse the online furniture websites shown below for Coaster and Acme and let us know which item(s) you want, and we will get it for you! Contact us for pricing at 530-917-1138 or shop@amazingfindshome.com or using our contact form. You can also come in to either of our stores and browse printed catalogs, with the help of our staff, if desired. We have a wider selection of print catalogs than what is available online. We also invite you to send us a photo of or link to the type of furniture you want, and your budget, if you wish, and we can see what we can do on your behalf. Don’t forget our Lowest Price Guarantee.



Terms and Conditions of Special Orders

  1. Payment in full is due at time of order.
  2. Order is dependent on availability from manufacturer and distributor. After the order is placed, Shop will verify availability of items (can take up to 2 business days). Shop will call customer to inform them of availability. In the event items ordered are unavailable to be delivered to Shop within 2 weeks, Customer can elect to either wait for the longer time frame specified, receive a refund, or transfer deposit to different items.
  3. Refunds on Special Orders are available only for store credit, less a 5% restocking fee.
  4. Price does not include assembly. If assembly is desired, charge is $15/hour, and an estimate of time will be given up front.
  5. Order be picked up by Customer at Shop within 5 days of Customer being notified of arrival date, or Customer may pay for delivery at the usual rate.
  6. If the box is damaged, Shop will open the box to inspect for damage to contents. If any damage is found after Customer removes box front Shop, Customer must notify Shop within 5 days and is responsible for transporting damaged item back to Shop. Shop will then do its best to obtain replacement item on behalf of Customer.