Yelp 5 star review Amazing Finds

From Lida M. on Yelp.com:  "Personally, I would add 'Amazing Chivalry' to the name 'Amazing Finds!' The guys who came to my home to pick up items I needed to sell were consummate gentlemen, as well as extremely professional, kind and compassionate. I am very confident that they will do their utmost for me in regard to selling my items for the best price.

"Above and beyond their wonderful service of coming to my home to pick things up; they noticed that I was facing some difficulties removing other items that just needed to be 'gone.' I recently broke my wrist, and I was in a major bind with moving out of a 3,300 sq. ft. home all by myself. Although helping me with some miscellaneous items was not within their purview by any means! 

Amazing Finds helps when you move!"They helped me out anyway out of the goodness of their hearts! I am not saying that this business does additional heavy lifting at all! They are just good, honest, hard working people who were kind enough to go above and beyond for my special circumstance. I felt compelled, and the necessity to put this additional accolade into this review. These gentlemen deserve it! "