Customer Wish List

Customers, let us know what you're looking for, and we will post your request here and contact you when it comes in. Potential Consignors, if you have one of these items, please bring in or call us to pick up your items in response.
7/11/21 Hammock
7/11/21 curio cabinet 22" maple finish, tall mahogany bookcase real wood or at least nicer, needs bookcases oak or maple or mahogany finish, needs a cabinet not too tall lighter natural or oak finish to fill in space in guest bedroom where he bought bedroom set
7/8/21 milk white / pink clam shells
7/7/21 6 foot recliner, fabric
7/6/21 chandelier possibly wrought iron patina finish
7/2/21 small drop leaf table, 2-4 oak chairs used, white tile top natural wood table for 2 people
7/1/21 Gray, around 28in tall. 26 and above. No price range. Can be wood she can repaint it but must be cheaper.
6/30/21 mini wicker furniture
6/30/21 70-80 sofa table un 34 in
6/21/21 garden arch metal and bistro set
6/21/21 Little kids picnic table and chairs around 4 chairs
6/18 4 X back chairs farm house style, white
6/18/21 Air conditioner
6/17/21 Brass oval ornate frames with dome glass
6/16/21 Bird cage big standing nice and cheap around 
6/16/21 Black sectional large fabric around 
6/10/21 Park bench 
6/10/21 Animal cage, about a 3x3 pretty large
6/9/21 Green rug, no western type, no floral
6/9/21 Kachina dolls indian dolls
6/7/21 Commercial refrigerator
6/6/21 Chairs to match his table, hopefully 6 chairs, but is okay with 4. Pine chairs or green ONLY
6/2/21 Car picture/decor for his car shop/wash
6/3/21 Tall metal barstools, kitchen cabinets
6/3/21 Player piano rolls
6/3/21 Coca Cola items
6/3/21 Used Patio furniture. Couch end tables and chairs, out door rocking chair, for tall people
6/2/21 Butcher block
5/28/21 Small recliner with lumbar support 
5/28/21 Older Chinese items and bar table wood rustic