Dewcrest caramel brown trim wood queen bed NEW CO-223451Q

Dewcrest caramel brown trim wood queen bed NEW CO-223451Q

Regular price $ 599.00 Sale price $ 373.00 Save $ 226.00

Retail price $599. Estern bed only. 78x85x53H 5pc bedroom set brown black trim wood eastern king bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror, & chest. Discounted if you buy the whole set! See other in set: eastern king bed CO-223451KEB2, nightstand CO-223452, dresser 223453, mirror CO-223454, chest CO-223455.

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Our Brand philosophy

As a small business we strive to help our community. In addition to a wide selection of new products at a Low Price Guarantee, we refurbish some of our used furniture and use recycled materials for many of our items. To help you save even more, we offer rebuilt mattresses that have been state approved and sanitized. Most importantly, we value our customer community and are willing to help you find your Amazing Find!


I picked up my custom made CalKing mattress today. Very nice made in Sacramento. They have lots of new and used furniture and lots of things to see.

Daniel C.

I love this store. I especially like that I don't even have to leave the house to do my shopping. They update their website often and the photos that they post are always clear and always precise.

Kristy F.