Head-Foot Model Best Queen Adjustable Base  NEW AY-M9X932

Head-Foot Model Best Queen Adjustable Base NEW AY-M9X932

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Retail price $3426. Sleep your best in a perfect position and enjoy full relaxation of a head and foot massage with the queen adjustable power base. Sleep comfort is taken to the ultimate level with adjustable head, neck and feet positions. With the touch of a button on the wireless hand control, position the mattress to eliminate pressure points for a comfortable sleep. Raise your legs to increase blood circulation and relieve pressure on your lower back. Raise your upper body to sit up in bed for better breathing, essential for those who snore or experience acid reflux. Adjust the position of your neck, too. This unique adjustment gives you the ability to keep your head and neck in the most comfortable position. Neck adjustments keep your upper body positioned so your spine is aligned for just the right support. Need something more? From the hand remote, you can also maximize comfort with a zoned massage feature that allows you to massage upper or lower body or both at the same time. You'll also find programmable and pre-set positions for enjoying the same positions of comfort. Adjust Zero-G to lift legs for better circulation. Use the TV adjustment to position your head for cozy TV viewing and the Snore adjustment to slightly raise head to help open up airways. Plus, the motion-sensored under-bed lighting is especially useful. As you get out of bed, the floor will become softly illuminated. Two USB ports are available for connecting electronics—what a plus for convenience. Head, neck and foot adjustable. Wireless hand control; programmable and pre-set positions (Zero-G, TV and Snore). 2 USB power ports. Compatible with MotoSleep App. Head and foot massage; motion sensor activated under-bed lighting. All steel frame. Quick set up. Foldable design. Adjustable legs. 3-year non-prorated warranty. Compatible with all memory foam, wrapped coil and hybrid mattresses. Note: Purchasing mattress and foundation from two different brands may void warranty; check warranty for details. State recycling fee may apply 59" W x 79" D x 14" H

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As a small business we strive to help our community. In addition to a wide selection of new products at a Low Price Guarantee, we refurbish some of our used furniture and use recycled materials for many of our items. To help you save even more, we offer rebuilt mattresses that have been state approved and sanitized. Most importantly, we value our customer community and are willing to help you find your Amazing Find!


I picked up my custom made CalKing mattress today. Very nice made in Sacramento. They have lots of new and used furniture and lots of things to see.

Daniel C.

I love this store. I especially like that I don't even have to leave the house to do my shopping. They update their website often and the photos that they post are always clear and always precise.

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